Magnetic separator

The task of the magnet separators is to separate ferromagnetic bodies from loose or peletized materials. Especially it works as a protection in crushing and pelleting lines. Separators do not damage the material being cleaned. They are made of stainless steel


Magnetic separators

The magnetic separator is an effective device that does not require external  enery   

The capacity of the separator is determined by its diameter.

The basic parameters of magnetic separators for animal feed are presented below:


Diameter [mm]

Flow rate [t/h] *



till 15



till 35



till 70



till 90



till 110

* – The flow rate is indicative for wheat grain. It may vary depending on the density of the material, humidity and its mechanical parameters.

When used for such media as biomass or other low density, the throughput will be about 3-5 times lower. For light media it is recommended to choose oversized separators.
We manufacture separators based on proven and durable magnetic components 

We carry out service inspections of magnet separators in terms of achieving the required magnetic field size of TESTMER devices and other manufacturers.


Magnetic separator open
Magnetic separator open
Magnetic separator
Magnetic separator

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