Birds especially in the early stages of breeding require finely crushed feed, because the standard pellets would turn out to be too large. Therefore, crushers are part of the pellet line, which allow you to obtain crushed pellets with a size of 1-2 mm.


Granulate crushers - roller crushers

KGR crushers are double-shaft constructions that ensure a minimum proportion of small parts in the crumble. They have a simple design. They can be additionally equipped with pneumatically or manually controlled bypass system. Crushers offered have a capacity adapted to the overall capacity of the pelleting line.

Basic parameters of KGR crushers.


Output capacity [t/h] *


till 1,5


till 4


till 6


till 8


till 12


till 15


till 20

* – Performance may vary depending on the material

The use of the highest quality materials affects the durability of rollers and other working components of the crusher.
We offer post-warranty service for TESTMER crushers and other manufacturers.

The crusher’s equipment can be ATEX-ordered on request. 



TESTMER - professional solutions for the feed production market

TESTMER WARSZAWA S.A. is the market leader in the production of technological lines for feed production in Poland. From 1991 we installed over 100 lines in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Italy and the Czech Republic.

The basic machine used in the feed production line is a pellet press. TESTMER started production of pelleting presses in 1991 and since then expanded its offer to include all machines related to the feed production process.

We offer warranty and post-warranty service for the feed production equipment purchased from us. Spare parts needed for the proper operation of the devices are produced by our specialized crew in our factory.

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