The sifters are designed to separate material into 2.3 or more fractions. They are used wherever there is a need for material fractionation.



The sifters can be divided into single or multi-deck depending on the number of fractions into which we want to divide the material. They are closed constructions that protect the environment against dust.


The drum sifter is used in feed and pellet factories.

Drum sifters in feed production

Mainly used for separating from the grain impurities such as string, lumps, stones, in various technological processes including the production of animal feed or in cereal storages.
Drum sifters OB are made of a body in which  rotary drum is placed, driven by an electric motor with a power of 1.1 to 3.0 kW, depending on the version. As an option, a pneumatic or manual brush cleaner can be used.

Drum screen parameters in feed factories.



Electric power [kW]

Output [t/h] *













* Output capacity given roughly for wheat grain

Drum sifters in pellet production

Drum sifters OCS are designed for separation of loose materials (pellets, sawdust) in various technological processes including the production of fuel pellets.
Examples of the use of a drum screen is the separation of bark, larger pieces of wood, stones and other solid elements that may be found in the sawdust used for the production of fuel granules (pellets) as well as the separation of a fine fraction of dust from pellets after pelletisation.

OCS sifters are made in 2 versions with a capacity of 3 t / h – OCS-3 and 5 t / h – OCS-5.
Advantages of OB and OCS sifters are high operational efficiency as well as reliability and durability.


Vibratory screen OW are devices used in industrial separation of materials into two or three fractions. Their compact and closed construction takes up little space in the technological line. The connection to the feeding and receiving devices of the screened material is carried out by means of flexible sleeves, which guarantees the possibility of constructing dust-tight technological lines. They are characterized by simplicity of construction and trouble-free operation.

The vibrating screen consists of:

sifter body with supplying stub and three receiving stubs,
two sieve decks together with sieves (with # 1.5 and # 10 mm mesh as standard)
electro-vibrator body with electro-vibrator,
shock absorbers (appropriately selected coil springs),
sifter frames.

Basic parameters of the OW type screens

TypeSieves area  [m2]Capacity [t/h] *
OW-60.963 – 5
OW-81.285 – 8
OW-101.68 – 12 
OW-122.012 – 15
OW-153.1315 – 20



Drum Sifter
Drum Sifter
Vibrating Sifter
Vibrating Sifter
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Rotary Sifter
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Crank Sifter

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The basic machine used in the feed production line is a pellet press. TESTMER started production of pelleting presses in 1991 and since then expanded its offer to include all machines related to the feed production process.

We offer warranty and post-warranty service for the feed production equipment purchased from us. Spare parts needed for the proper operation of the devices are produced by our specialized crew in our factory.

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