oscillating sieves


The double-deck vibrating screen is intended to separate all kind of bulk products like kernel, powders, pellets, crumbles and others into 3 components with sizes: course, middle and fines. If finds application in feed, food, chemical industry etc.

The intensive vibrations of the screen decks transport the different components to one of the three outlets.
The compression springs absorb ca 95% of the vibration forces.
The exchange of screens is very easy and reduces maintenance time to minimum. A wide range of screen perforations is available.

odsiewacz korbowy OK


  • high screening efficiency,
  • double deck for 3 components separation
  • all steel construction,
  • regulation, intensity and direction of vibration

General features are:

  • high performance,
  • good accessibility
  • minimum maintenance,

Basic specifications: 

  • number of screens: 1 or 2,
  • power [kW]: 1,1-1,5,
  • capacity: up to 2 t/h,